The 2014 St Tropez International Film Festival


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The St Tropez International Film Festival – May 13th-17th – South of France

The St Tropez International Film Festival adds it’s name to the long list of Glitz and Glamour in The Côte d’Azur. The 2014 event will be taking place in the South of France from May 13th-17th 2014.

The Festival will culminate with a glitzy, red-carpet, awards ceremony on May 17th.

We have a passion for film but we can offer so much more. We have Film Professionals attending our Festival so we can ensure that your masterpiece will not only have a chance to win one of our coveted awards.

About Us – St Tropez International Film Festival

The St Tropez International Film Festival has added it’s name to the long list of wonderful events in the South of France.Our Festival stands out as one that is dedicated to helping Filmmakers to push their project forward. We have Film Professionals in attendance at all of our Festivals.

Neil McEwan has over 30 years working in the film distribution industry. He spent over 25 years working for Warner Bros and over 7 years as Managing Director of Warner Home Video’s biggest International subsidiary. A Commercial Executive with strong experience in profit delivery, strategy development, sales, marketing, business planning, finance and supply chain. he is a Senior member of several industry boards and a Producer of Independent Films.

The St Tropez International Film Festival has no say in any deal you may or may not achieve, we are proud to be an international platform for Filmmakers.

The St Tropez IFF 2014

We are delighted to announce the official location of the 2014, St Tropez International Film Festival will be the Hotel Westminster in Nice.

The itinerary is being drawn up for the week and will be confirmed in more detail very soon. What can be confirmed is the following:

May 11th
Meet & Greet | 8pm | Hotel Bar (buy your own drinks)

May 12th – 16th
Screening Days | Festival Hotel Screening Rooms

May 16th
Networking Evening | 8pm | Hotel Bar

May 17th
Awards Day – A Celebration of Film:
5pm – Welcome Drinks
6pm – Take Your Seats
After 15 Awards – Canapé’s
After 30 Awards – Dinner & Coffee
After 40 Awards – Cheese & Sweet Canapé’s
7 More Awards to Finish

Dinner Menu for the Awards Evening:


Welcome Drink: Spritzer with Orange Juice


After 15 Awards – Canapés:
- Smoked Salmon Canapé
- Glass of Fois Gras & Ginger Bread
- Tomato & Mozzarella Sicks


After 30 Awards – Dinner:
- Glass of Spicy Tomato Gazpacho with Bresaola (Beef) & Slices of Melon
- Shinbone of Candied Lamb with Rosmary Flavour Panisse & Provencal Tian
- Chocolate Coffee Flavoured Opera with Bailey’s Cream Sauce


Dinner is served with Saint Victorin Red, White & Rosé Wine.
Water & Coffee will also be served


After 40 Awards – Canapés:
- Tiramisu with Minted Raspberry & Tarte Tatin
- Coffee


Vegetarian option is also available (please inform us ASAP if you would like this menu – [email protected]).

- Butternut Cream Soup with Roasted Hazelnuts
- Risotto with Ceps & Asparagus
- Iced Soufflé Limoncello with Raspberry Sauce




Film & Clip Submission Information


1 – Clips must be roughly 30 seconds long. Try and use a timescale between 25-35 seconds.

2 – We would like a different clip for each nomination you have. If you have 5 nominations and you send 1 clip that means on the night everyone will watch that same clip 5 times. To showcase your film best we would like to show different parts that are relevant to the category.

3 – We do not want the trailer. By all means send it to us and we will use it if possible on our Social Channels. It will not be used for the awards night DVD. If this is all you have and you have no time to cut the clips then we will accept it but ideally we would not use this. If you fall into Point 2 above with multiple nominations and must use a trailer, please try and send multiple trailers or a long one which we can edit down.

4 – When cutting the 30 second clips, please do not add your company name, film name, distributor name, selection laurel or any other information to the beginning or end of the clip. We will edit this off as we need to make every clip the same. Ideally we would like the clip only with no writing except subtitles where appropriate (see Point 5 below). This includes “For Consideration” or other such writing over the top of the film.

5 – Talking about Subtitles in Point 4, we are an English speaking Festival. We host events around the world but we are English speaking. If your film is not in English then please add English subtitles to the clips you send.

6 – We can deal with most video formats. We use a Mac and Adobe Premiere Pro. If we encounter a format we cannot use we will do our best to convert it. With this being said, please make it easier for us and send a format that is usable with our software.

7 – Please send us the highest definition possible. If we get a tiny file that looks alright on a screen but not great, imagine that blown up to an 8-foot screen. Don’t worry about size, HD is best.

8 – Please name the file in the following way:

Festival Name – Category Name – Film Name – Nominee Name

We get so many clips sent to us and it’s very each to lose track when we have a file called something like “” and when we play it there is no title. Please make it easier for us so we don’t have to contact you saying we don’t have the clips when we do, we just don’t know which one it is.

9 – To get the clips to us you can use any of the following:

Google Drive



Please send us the film in it’s entirety via the same methods as you send the clips. Ideally we would like to play the film via a computer. We can accommodate a Blu Ray or a DVD from any region however we would prefer the film digitally. From our experience this is the easiest and best way of screening your film.


St Tropez IFF 2014 Winners


Below are the winners from the night. We will have the winning laurels and our specially designed cubic zirconia rings with the festival insignia ready in a week and all official event pictures will be online within a couple of weeks. There was a slight hiccup in the delivery of the rings, so if your film was recognized in its category and you did not receive the winners package, please be patient.

Congratulations …


Best Film

Evan Goldman

Nathanael Matanick

Helen Alone
Henrik Bech Poulsen

David Jaure

David Parker

When Life Keeps Getting in the Way
Lili Matta

The Shape of Rex
Bill Hominuke
Layne Coleman


Best Director

David Parker

Helen Alone
Henrik Bech Poulsen

Jimmy Scanlon
Evan Goldman

David Jaure

When Life Keeps Getting in the Way
Lili Matta


Best Director of a Short Film

Gabriel Schmidt

Francesca de Sola

Nathanael Matanick

Vince Werner

The Denied
Wil J Jackson
Miguel Miller

Michael Cristian Greene

Going Up?
Dana Morgan

Nunzio Fazio

Alexandre Martins

Christopher Porter

The Play of Fate
Jacopo Manfren

Turn a Blind Eye
Aasaf Ainapore


Best Lead Actor

3 months ago

Cold water
James Duval

Ciao da Roma
Giovanni Amodeo

Exchanging Confidences
William Angiuli

Ett Hopp
Simon Settergren

Paul Alexandro

Pardon! Kim, Ben mi?
Berna Kuculmez


Best Lead Actress

Michelle Romano

Tempo Girl
Florentine Krafft

Forbidden Evil
Anna Troyanskaya

In The Dark
Bettina Bilger

Helen Alone
Alexis Raich

When Life Keeps Getting in the Way
Julie Sabray

The Shape of Rex
Vivien Endicott-Douglas

Best Producer of a Documentary Fil

Masterpiece: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns
Alexander Gray
Jeff Maynard

Zack & Addie
Rob Florence

Running for Jim
Robin Hauser Reynolds
Dan Noyes

A Different Kind of Farm
Caroline Harding

The Racket
Joe Jenkins

Modern Nature
Craig Leon


Best Supporting Actor

Blind Squad
Claudiu Trandafir

Manuele Morgese

We Feel Fine
Adam Luxton

Lock Box
Ruben Roberto Gomez


Best Supporting Actress

Pizza Me Mafia
Melissa Schumacher

Tempo Girl
Karin Pfamatter

Bebete e Daniboy
Katiana Rangel

Exchanging Confidences
Laura Locatelli

Tempo Girl
Karin Pfamatter

Bebete e Daniboy
Katiana Rangel

18 (Eighteen Noir)
Bo-Hye Ryu


Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film

Susan Slome

Bad Day
Anna Olivia Tkebuchava

Charissa Adams

Sabrina Culver

Lock Box
Sabrina Culver

Emma Gore

Southern dysComfort
Andrea Anderson

Turn a Blind Eye
Eloise Joseph



Unproduced Script Corner 2014

Unproduced Script Corner

Calling all Scriptwriters & Filmmakers

This year on May 16th we will have an official Script Corner. We invite you to present your script to the attending Filmmakers. If you have a short promo for your script or if you’d like to stand and talk about the content of your script, we will allocate the time for you.

All Filmmakers and attending professionals will be invited to the Script Corner to hear about the ideas of tomorrow.

Lynne Alana Delaney

January 27, 2014

Excited to be included in the screenplay selections for the 2014 St. Tropez International Film Festival! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Lynne Alana Delaney

March 18, 2014

Wow! Thank you St. Tropez IFF nominations committee! I’m thrilled to be nominated for not only my unproduced screenplay, but as lead actress in the short Southern dysComfort, as well. It will be wonderful to be able to participate in this years festival!


Jon Paul Reese

March 19, 2014

Thank you St. Tropez IFF for this wonderful nomination of my un-produced screenplay, I am sincerely looking forward to meeting everyone there at the festival.
Thank you all.
Jon Paul Reese



March 19, 2014

Thank you St. Tropez International Film Festival for recognizing the work of Alexis Raich. Alexis is so passionate about the characters she is fortunate enough to mold and puts her heart and soul into her work. She worked crazy hard, physically and mentally as Helen. You made Alexis proud in blessing her with this nomination. Thank you.


Wadooah Wali

May 7, 2014

We are sooooooo very excited to have “Gaze of the Beholder” have it’s European premiere at the St. Tropez International Film Festival! The film was a labor of love over the course of 5+ years. In that time, we laughed, we grew and we were able to connect with so many people and prove how important and universal the topic of beauty and body is to many of us. Like Maya Angelou says in her “Human Family” poem, “We seek success in Finland, are born and die in Maine. In minor ways we differ, in major we’re the same. I note the obvious differences between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” Thanks again to all of the folks at the Festival International for accepting our film and for our award nominations! I look forward to meeting and celebrating my fellow filmmakers very soon!



May 14, 2014



St Tropez IFF Official Nominations

The Remake
Lynne Alana Delaney

Things With Eyes
Itamar Sade

Lost Cause
David Schroeder

Ohio Finch
Chad Parsons

Hiya Howa (She’s Him)
Dana Atrach

D. T.
Ken Comer

The Irish Question
Colin Carroll

Next Door
Alexa MJ Matz

It’s All About Football
Jon Paul Reese

South Alameda
Steve Kaleff

Dean Bailesol’s Journey To Surgery
Leonard Tachmes

Steal Away
Jon Paul Reese

Girls Like Us! Part 2
Anike Bay

Sea of Bitterness
Majdi Abu-shehadeh

The New House
Michelle Romano

Game of Spades
Majdi Abu-shehadeh

I Am Delicious
David Sabbath

53 Hours in Harpers Ferry
David Sabbath

Hannah’s Birthday
Juliet Bergh

Markus Mueller

I Am Mine
Flavio Sardinha

South Alameda
Steve Kaleff